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Tuesday Majors

 August 29th, 2023-May 14th, 2024

3-person team co-ed


Wednesday Men's

September 6th, 2023-April 10th, 2024

5-person team only men


Legislative League on Thursdays


*When legislatures are in town, they take up the full building

TGIF Friday League

September 8th, 2023- April 19th, 2024

5-person team co-ed


Youth League on Saturdays

February 10th, 2024-May 18th, 2024


How to Join League

Adult League Goes on for 32 weeks:

Must be 18+ 

$45 to join and then $20 a week. 

You can make your own team or if by yourself can join as a sub.


Youth League Goes on for 13 weeks:

Ages 5-17

$13 a week *2024 Pinz will pay for the $4 USBC membership.

Kids will not be allowed to use bumpers.

Application is on Facebook page.

It's never too late to join after season starts!

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